Reach for your best.

Our mission is to inspire you to have the best oral health possible.


Talented team

Dr. Jeffrey Ma and our team will show you incredible compassion, skill, and respect. We have the most experienced and skilled team members in the industry.

Advanced technology

Our sophisticated equipment and training helps us improve your quality of care and comfort. Learn about your oral health with extensive patient education.

Holistic philosophy

Oral health directly affects the body and mind. Our products and treatments are fluoride-free and mercury-free. We avoid using toxic chemicals wherever possible.


"I always rave to people about how great this place is! Dr. Ma is wonderful and the staff are all super friendly."

Kyla K. on Google

Children’s dentistry

Develop good habits early on and ensure a lifetime of great oral health. Our simple approach leads to more happy visits!

We're there for parents with kids at every age, from preventative care to braces and wisdom teeth removal.


It's easier to have improved oral hygiene and teeth that will last a lifetime when your oral structures are in alignment.

We provide orthodontics for adults, teens, and children including speed braces and Invisalign.


Advanced teeth cleaning

Our expert hygiene team uses safe, painless lasers to annihilate bacteria deep in gum pockets and ultrasonic instruments to comfortably disintegrate tartar.

We use high-quality cameras to carefully assess your oral health.


"Great experience. Extremely friendly staff has made my children’s dentist visits easy!”

S. Mason on Google

Cosmetic & Restorative dentistry

If your oral health needs extra attention, we offer complete cosmetic and restorative dental services.

You'll feel at ease in the capable hands of Dr. Jeffrey Ma and our talented support team.

Be as comfortable as possible and alleviate anxiety with conscious oral sedation dentistry during your visit.

Get back to your life faster, thanks to single-visit ceramic restorations.

Preventative support

We support you before, during, and after your visits.

At each cleaning visit we evaluate your complete oral health and recommend preventative care techniques to help you reach your best.

To prevent snoring, grinding, and sports-related injuries, we offer advanced mouth-guards.

Teeth whitening

A bright smile you can be proud of is the ultimate reward for great oral health.

Safe, gentle, peroxide-based Zoom! custom teeth whitening trays are perfectly fit to brighten your teeth and remove stains. Get immediate results!

Explore our office

Stress-free, modern and family-friendly. Kids love our playroom!

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It's easy to visit us.

20 minutes or less from anywhere in South Calgary or Downtown.

Find us at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road near Deerfoot Trail SE. Families visit us from all over Calgary!