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We all want a beautiful healthy white smile and a professional teeth whitening treatment. Here at your local Calgary dental clinic, Friends & Family Dental Health, we can help you achieve your desired results. In some cases, you may need CEREC crowns or veneers to cover broken, stained or damaged teeth, but in many cases, a simple dental cleaning and teeth whitening can bring give you a beautiful and bright white smile.

Making regular visits to our dental office for preventative dental care such as dental exams and dental cleanings is an important step in the teeth whitening process.However,even if you are caring for your teeth well, some tooth staining just can’t be avoided and is the result of age and wear. To remove these stains, a little extra help from our Zoom whitening treatment does the trick.

As a reminder, teeth whitening always works best after a dental cleaning and after all other dental issues such as cavities or cracked teeth are resolved.

Zoom! Custom whitening

Custom tooth whitening trays perfectly fit to your teeth are used to deliver a peroxide-based gel that gently brightens your teeth and removes stains. Peroxide is gentle on tooth enamel and gums, so it is very safe. Teeth whitening results are seen immediately, and continue to improve with use. The best part is that after you’re done, you can keep the whitening trays and reuse them with extra whitening gel.

Contact our Calgary dental office today at (403) 236-5171 or request a dentist appointment online to make a preventative dental care appointment. Our experienced dentists and hygienists will give you a thorough dental cleaning and exam, identifying any potential dental issues prior to your teeth whitening treatment. Then we can discuss next steps and make your teeth shine with Zoom whitening.

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