Speed Braces and Traditional Braces


Traditional Braces

What are speed braces?

While traditional braces for adults and children have proven effective, “speed braces” are a recent and significant advancement in orthodontics.

Also known as “fast braces”, speed braces are passive self-ligating brackets with special memory wires. 

How do they work?

The brackets and wires are regularly adjusted to create continuous light forces that cause teeth to move quickly through the bone.

Along with the movement of the teeth these gentle forces also develop bone, which aids in the stability of the teeth in the new position.

Why choose speed braces?

Speed braces are a popular and cost-effective choice with the many families we serve.

It’s become very common for children, teens, and young adults to have visible braces, and most kids adjust to wearing them easily. There is nothing cooler than great oral health!

Many of our adult patients choose Invisalign clear braces, because having no visible metal brackets or wires helps minimize the impact on their daily life and appearance.

Are orthodontics really worth the cost?

We are passionate about orthodontics for adults and children because it can have a large impact on the development of a beautiful, healthy smile.

Straight teeth don't just look great. They are also easier to keep clean, catch less food, and form fewer cavities. 

Ready to improve your smile?

The first step is to contact us to book an orthodontic consultation.

During your consultation, Dr. Jeffrey Ma will answer all of your questions and thoroughly explain the options for orthodontics, from traditional and speed braces to Invisalign.

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