Sedation Dentistry


Helping you feel comfortable and happy to visit us ensures your teeth get the best preventative care, which is as important as treating cavities and gum disease.

We’ve taken extra special care to create a low-stress environment, and we offer complimentary services to ensure your comfort before, during, and after your visit.

If dentistry makes you anxious or quite uncomfortable, conscious oral sedation can help relieve your anxiety while you are still awake. It is also helpful for an extreme gag reflex.

What does sedation dentistry cost?

We offer dental sedation for free.

We strive to minimize drug prescription, but we provide this free service when it’s necessary to help you reach your best possible oral health. It’s available to healthy adult patients after a thorough examination and review of your medical history.

How does conscious oral sedation work?

  1. Contact us before your next appointment and ask about conscious oral sedation.

  2. To determine if oral sedation is best for you, Dr. Jeffrey Ma will carefully assess your overall health and the specific nature of your dental anxiety..

  3. You’ll need to review and sign an information and consent form.

  4. Before your appointment you take the sedative (usually in pill form). It typically lasts for 2 to 8 hours.

  5. A friend or family member drives you to (and from) your appointment.*

  6. During your appointment, you remain awake and are able to respond to questions, but are in a state of reduced awareness.

  7. The sedative removes feelings of anxiety, fear, and sometimes even the memory of the appointment itself.

*For everyone’s safety, we require that patients using oral sedation are driven to and from their appointments and do not operate a vehicle for 24 hours.

Dental anaesthetic and numbing reversal

Dental freezing can be taken back out at the end of your appointment. Perfect for when you have to speak for work afterwards, or even just a nice lunch or dinner date.

If you are concerned about the time it takes for dental anaesthetic to wear off, we offer a numbing reversal treatment that will have your numbing coming out as you leave the clinic.

Many patients have commented on how skillfully Dr. Ma applies dental anaesthetic.

While skillful application depends on care and experience, we are sensitive to the impact of negative past experiences and a “fear of sharp things”. We never say the word “n**dle”.

Low-stress, non-toxic environment

You can look forward to the following features of our dental clinic:

  • an indoor waterfall humidifies the air and provides natural background noise

  • salt lamps and essential oils provide relaxing, non-clinical scents

  • complimentary tea, coffee, vegetable juice, and ionized alkaline water

  • personal headphones and television — listen to music or watch your favourite sitcom, cooking show, or sports highlights during your appointment

  • we are always available answer your questions and help you feel at ease

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