Braces, Invisalign & Orthodontics


Orthodontics can have a large impact on the development of a beautiful, healthy smile by simply straightening your teeth.


Orthodontics involves attachment of brackets or “braces,” which are periodically adjusted to move your teeth into a more harmonious alignment with your facial bone structure.

Not only does your smile end up looking great, but straighter teeth will be easier to keep clean, catch less food, and form fewer cavities.

Speed Braces


While traditional braces for adults and children have proven effective, “speed braces” are a recent and significant advancement in orthodontics.

Also known as “fast braces”, speed braces are passive self-ligating brackets with special memory wires. These brackets and wires are used to create continuous light forces that cause teeth to move quickly through the bone.

Along with the movement of the teeth these gentle forces also develop bone, which aids in the stability of the teeth in the new position.

Invisalign Clear Braces


An alternative to conventional braces is a more contemporary form of teeth straightening called Invisalign, which is basically a series of clear tray aligners that are customized to your specific mouth shape and the changing contour of your teeth.

The Invisalign aligners fit snuggly over your teeth, ultimately becoming invisible during the process. Invisalign “aligners” have no metal brackets or wires to adjust, and the entire process has little impact on your daily life and most people won’t even notice you are wearing the Invisalign tray.

Once the process is complete, everyone will definitely notice your brilliant, straight smile!

Early Childhood Orthodontics


Did you know that your kids can have orthodontic treatment as early as age 7?

We can help to develop your children's jaw and facial growth to minimize future orthodontic problems and treatments.

Sometimes, wearing a retainer for 6 months in early childhood can save on years of braces in the future!

Ask us about “early orthodontics” or any other of our Calgary dental services at your next appointment with Friends and Family Dental Health.

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