Holistic Philosophy


Our holistic approach takes your whole health into account when recommending dental treatments.

Like all dentists, we strongly believe that oral health directly affects the body and mind. We focus on safety and preventative care to support the whole health of your family.


We limit or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals wherever possible, and use biological or other safe alternatives for treatment.


We do not use topical fluoride treatments at your cleaning appointment and all of our products are fluoride-free.

We don’t believe using fluoride is warranted, given the controversy and the alternatives available. To strengthen and remineralize your teeth we use fluoride-free MI-Paste, which uses milk proteins and biologically available calcium and phosphate.


We do not use mercury for fillings.

Our process for mercury filling removal minimizes mercury exposure and absorption compared to conventional methods. 

Special considerations for root canals

If you need a root canal and there are no other options, we will discuss with you how we can proceed in the safest way possible.

What we don’t offer

We don’t offer “alternative medicine” treatments such as ozone therapy or intravenous vitamin-C.

We take great care to select non-toxic materials from our suppliers, but we don’t do individual materials testing.

Preventative support and education

We believe that preventative care is essential to oral health.

To help you reach your best, we carefully assess your oral health with every visit and make honest recommendations for prevention. 

We provide extensive patient education to help you understand how to prevent serious oral health conditions, and how to maintain your oral health after major procedures.

Not just drilling and filling

We know that we perform an important role in your overall health and we take that responsibility seriously. We are obsessive about Continuing Education.

We have a passion for orthodontics because we know that when your oral structures are in alignment that it is easier to have improved oral hygiene and teeth that will last you a life time.

We invest in the equipment and training to offer CEREC dentistry.

We offer advanced mouth-guards that prevent snoring, grinding, and sports-related injuries.

We offer free conscious oral sedation to help with dental anxiety.

Family friendly

We’ve created a gentle modern office to help eliminate the stress of visiting the dentist with your family. The first thing your little ones will notice is our playroom!

Dr. Ma, as a father of two active and rambunctious boys, knows the commitment parents have to their children's health. He also knows firsthand the challenge of brushing a toddler's teeth when they're overtired.

Learn more about our approach to family dentistry.

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