Family Dentistry


It’s the best part of our job.

The first thing your little ones will notice is our playroom!

Dr. Ma, as a father of two active and rambunctious boys, knows the commitment parents have to their children's health. He also knows firsthand the challenge of brushing a toddler's teeth when they're overtired.

Our approach to kids is simple; we keep it as pleasant as possible. The first thing we do is we make kids comfortable with our language and wording. We minimize pain with injections, and we complete treatment quickly and efficiently. We make things fun too, with colored fillings (if the parent/guardian allows,) and prizes at the end.

The dentist will always be happy to talk with you about your childrens' hygiene habits as well as diet. We believe that taking the time to educate your family is what inspires you to best possible oral heath.

Sequence of Teeth Eruption

Baby Bottle Decay

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