What is a cavity?

“Cavity” is the common name for what professionals call tooth decay, or dental caries.

Cavities can be painful and unsightly, but you may not feel them at all before they become a much bigger issue. 

If left alone, a cavity eventually leads to a broken tooth or a damaged tooth nerve.

To avoid this the bacterial decay must be removed, and the cavity is restored with composite material, which is called a “filling”. Learn more about fillings →

Can cavities be healed naturally?

In a manner of speaking. Demineralization can be reversed, decay cannot. Before a tooth reaches the point of decay, it first demineralizes.

At this point, the demineralization can be reversed by a process called remineralization to prevent cavities from forming.

We recommend cheese and natural yogurts to help with the remineralization process, or in more extreme cases, we use MI Paste, which uses bio-available calcium phosphate in conjunction with a natural milk protein to stick to teeth.

However, it is important to note that once there is active bacterial decay beyond simple demineralization, a filling is required.

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