Following the Alberta Dental Fee Guide


What is the Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

There is a new dental fee guide in Alberta. Lately, there has been some media attention about dental costs being higher in Alberta than in neighbouring provinces. The current NDP government has mandated fees for dental care in an attempt to make dental care more accessible to all. At Friends and Family Dental Health, we strongly believe that everyone has the right to dental care, and we will do our best to be a part of the solution.

Why are fees higher on average in Alberta?

Because costs are higher in Alberta. Our province’s laws are far more strict and require dental clinic operators to spend much more on infection control than anywhere else. We agree with high standards of infection control, but it does increase costs. Like in other industries, dental support staff in Alberta tend to be compensated higher than in other provinces. According to the same government research, Alberta dental clinic owners do not make more overall profit, due to these higher costs.

How do we compare to the Fee Guide?

You will find many of our fees close to the government suggested Fee Guide. We have tried hard to set our fees in line with it where possible, but in order to protect our high level of service to you, some of our fees are above the fee guide. We feel strongly that the top notch team members serving you deserve their wages earned, and we invest back into new technologies and education to improve your care and experience. We hope you can agree with us too!

How can I minimize my dental bill?

We are strong advocates of preventative care. Regular dental exams and hygiene appointments can prevent issues and allows us to catch issues when they are quick and easy to fix, rather than waiting for them to turn into expensive procedures later. Frequent and regular brushing and flossing is another great way to keep the dental bill reasonable.

Can I get an estimate beforehand?

Of course! Once we’ve had a chance to see you and assess the issues in an examination, we will give you your options, the pros and cons, including the finances. You can book an appointment online or by calling us at (403) 236-5171.

What about the difference between the estimate and my insurance reimbursement?

Some insurance companies may only reimburse at the lower Fee Guide and leave you on the hook for the rest. Even though they are paying out less, they often do not lower your premiums. They may ask you to, "negotiate with your dentist." We know though, that most individuals do not view medical providers as someone to negotiate with, like you would for a car or a television. There is a special relationship between a doctor and a patient, and negotiating is rarely a part of that relationship. Our advice is to seek dental care from a provider you trust; as trust is the most important part of the doctor-patient relationship.

What if I want to know more about dental fees for my situation?

Please call us at (403) 236-5171 or email us at We are happy to have an open, honest, and respectful discussion with you.