Dental Costs & Alberta Fee Guide


There is a dental fee guide in Alberta, which affects what you pay for dental care in Calgary. The provincial government has mandated fees in an attempt to make dental care more affordable. 

Are dental fees higher in Alberta?

You may have heard from media coverage that government research shows dental fees are higher in Alberta than in neighbouring provinces. However, the same government research shows that dental clinic owners in Alberta do not make more overall profit.

How is this possible? Because operating costs are higher in Alberta.

Alberta's laws for infection control are far more strict than in other provinces, requiring dental clinic operators here to spend much more.

Dental support staff tend to earn higher compensation in Alberta, which is consistent with other industries. 

We agree with having high standards for infection control and for our staff. Maintaining these high standards certainly increases our costs.

How to minimize your dental care costs

Make sure you get regular dental exams and hygiene appointments. Regular visits prevent issues and allow us to catch problems early, when they are quick and easy to fix. We are strong advocates of preventative care.

If you avoid regular visits, small problems can become big problems that require expensive procedures to fix.

Frequent, regular brushing and flossing is essential to maintaining your best possible oral health, which helps keep your dental costs under control too. 

Want to talk about your dental fees?

Please call us or email us. We are happy to have an open, honest, and respectful discussion with you.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to dental care. We do our best to limit costs without compromising your safety, health, or comfort.

How our fees compare to the fee guide

You will find many of our fees close to the guide, and we work hard to follow it while maintaining our high level of service to you. To protect that high standard of care, some of our fees are above the guide suggestion.

We feel strongly that the top notch team members serving you deserve the wages they earn. We believe that you deserve the best possible care and experience, so we invest deeply in advanced technology and provider education. We hope you can agree with us too!

How to get an estimate for your dental fees

Call us to schedule an examination or request an appointment online.

Once we’ve assessed your specific issues in an examination we can discuss potential treatment options, including the pros, cons, and fees for each.

What to do if your insurance company won't pay for your whole dental fee estimate

Some insurance companies only reimburse you for the fee guide rate and leave you to pay the rest. Even though they are paying out less, they often do not lower your premiums.

They may even ask you to "negotiate with your dentist," even though you probably don't expect to negotiate with medical providers like you might for a car or a television.

We don't expect you to either. Negotiation is rarely a part of the special relationship between you and your doctor.

If you are in this situation, our advice is to seek dental care from a provider you trust; as trust is the most important part of the patient-doctor relationship.

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