Anxiety and Fear

dental anaesthetic

Dental Anxiety?

Here at Friends and Family Dental Health, we believe that treating dental fear and anxiety is just as important as treating cavities and gum disease. We want you to be comfortable here, so that you are happy to return regularly to ensure your teeth are getting the best preventative care. Whether it’s a negative past experience, or a fear of sharp things, we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort when you visit us.

At your specially reserved appointment, you can look forward to the following features of our clinic:

  • ask us how dental anaesthetic (we never say the word n**dle) can be more comfortable for you
  • our waterfall naturally humidifies the air and provides soothing background noise
  • calming essential oils
  • ionized alkaline water (read more about the benefits here)
  • complimentary tea, coffee, and vegetable juice
  • personal headphones and television, giving you the choice to listen to music, or perhaps watch your favorite sitcom, cooking show, or catch sports highlights



While we always strive to minimize drug prescription, in cases of higher anxiety, oral conscious sedation can be a great method of ensuring your comfort and ability to come see us. After a thorough review of your medical history, our dentists will choose the appropriate sedative to use. It is typically taken in a pill form before your appointment, and though you are still awake, the sedative removes anxiety and fear, and sometimes, even the memory of the appointment. For your safety, we require patients to be driven to and from their appointments when using oral sedation.

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