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A Few Of Our Specialties

Invisalign & Orthodontics

Straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing! By replacing traditional braces with Invisalign clear braces, you can straighten your teeth without brackets, wires and an uncomfortable tightening feeling. But if you prefer to straighten your teeth with speed brackets, we can do that too! We offer a complete compliment of orthodontic services.

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Fluoride-Free & Mercury-Free

Our belief in a non-toxic, fluoride-free and mercury-free environment is a cornerstone of our dental clinic in Calgary. We do not advocate fluoride treatments in any of our dental services. We follow IAOMT amalgam filling removal guidelines, use an IQ Air mercury vapour filtration unit, and have a waterfall that naturally humidifies the air inside. Our patients love our natural approach to dental wellness.

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Family Dentistry

People are unique, and so are their dental care needs. Friends & Family Dental Health in Calgary will work with you to create a personalized “big picture” treatment plan that takes into account all facets of your life. Our experienced dentists and hygienists promote a warm, friendly, relaxing environment so you are at ease in our office. We even offer free child minding, so you don't need to worry about childcare during your dental visit. We will always respect your family, your wishes and your health.

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Single Visit CEREC Crowns

Whether you live in Calgary SE, SW, NW or NE, we will use the top of the line technology to keep your teeth at their best. Our new CEREC machine allows for 3D milled ceramic crowns to be created in a day with no messy impressions that get stuck in your mouth, no finicky temporary crowns, and no need to take extra time off work. The system is completely digital, meaning we create the 3D scans and designs efficiently and to specification.

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Teeth Whitening

You can have that beautiful and bright smile you’ve always wanted! Our Calgary SE dental office offers Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments to bring back your perfectly while teeth. The Zoom Custom whitening trays fit perfectly to your teeth and the peroxide-based whitening gel safely removes stains and whitens your teeth. You will see immediate results after the first treatment and with each treatment, your teeth will get whiter and brighter.

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We welcome your inquiries, appointments, and referrals! Note that we do our best to return e-mail/contact form inquiries within 2 business days. For immediate assistance please call our office at (403) 236-5171. We are open Monday – Thursday 7 am to 4 pm.

Friends and Family Dental Health

  • 105, 4000 Glenmore Court SE,
    Calgary AB, T2C 5R8
  • (403) 236-5171

Patient Reviews

Don't just take our word for it - hear from our patients!

  • Rohullah Hussain Zada

    I have had very good experience here every time from the beginning till the end. I would recommend this to my friends and family members.

    Friendly staff. Dental hygienists and Doctor Ma do a very good job in explaining the issues with my teeth and how they are going to correct it, every time.

  • Shannon George

    I have been coming here for years and always appreciate the wonderful staff. They even did collections for me when I lost my house to a house fire. ☺

  • Darian Ackerman

    Been going here for 5+ years now. Even not living in the city, my family and I still make the trip here EVERY TIME! Very friendly staff that always treat us well and know what's best for us.

Dental Clinic Providing Family Dental Care Near McKenzie Towne

Friends & Family Dental Health strives to make your regular dental trips stress-free and enjoyable for you and your family. As a provider of dental care for McKenzie Towne, we use a safe, modern approach to dentistry. We understand that many children and even some adults find a trip to the dentist to be a traumatic experience. Our incredible dental hygienists and experienced dentists are warm and caring, putting both you and your children at ease the moment you step through the door. Unsure of what to expect? Come along for a tour of our clinic; we are conveniently located on Glenmore Trail, just a quick easy trip up Deerfoot Trail. We also offer a number of unique dental services, geared to making your children feel relaxed while they wait for their appointment.

Dental Clinic in McKenzie Towne

As a dental clinic for McKenzie Towne, we strive to provide a number of dental services over and above standard dental care.  We focus on the latest dental technology incorporated into our unique approach, which is very different from other dentists. We not only concentrate on the health of your teeth, gums and mouth but on mind and body as well. Our services include CEREC crowns, teeth whitening and orthodontics, to name a few. If you are looking for dental care in McKenzie Towne, Dr. Jeffrey Ma and his support team are happy to serve you.

Family Dentists near McKenzie Towne

As family dentists for McKenzie Towne, we have seen both young and older who hate trips to the dentist. We understand how this can be an experience that causes anxiety in your household. Our skilled dental team helps to make your regular dental appointments as stress-free as possible. We do this be creating an environment in which your children can feel comfortable. We provide them with things that can help take their mind off their dental appointment, including a playroom with toys and activities to keep them busy while they wait. We even provide free babysitting for your children while you are busy with your appointment. Should your children require fillings, we allow them to pick from a number of fun colors, keeping them involved in the dental process at all times.

If you are looking for the perfect place for family dental care in McKenzie Towne, look no further than Friends & Family Dental Health. Our modern dental equipment, experienced staff and unique approach to both dentistry and your safety are all aimed at providing unmatched dental care. We will do our best to ensure your family trip to the dentist becomes a stress-free experience, always. Contact us today with any questions or to make an appointment by calling (403) 236-5171 or by sending an email to You can also request a dentist appointment online.