About Us

Providing Dental Care with the Whole Body in Mind

aWe deliver whole health dental care with a focus on listening to our patients. We’ve created a non-toxic office environment and utilize the latest technologies to ensure your safety.  Our approach to dental health brings the entire body and mind into perspective when analyzing your teeth and orofacial area. We are located by Riverbend and Quarry Park, Calgary. We invite you to share our passion for improving the quality and safety of dentistry.

Our process for mercury removal minimizes mercury exposure and absorption compared to conventional methods. We do not use fluoride treatments and all of our products are fluoride-free, as we believe the controversy surrounding this substance does not warrant its use when there are many great alternative options. We also minimize allergen exposure in our clinic.

Contact us today to learn how Friends and Family Dental Health can help you.  We also provide orthodontics, whitening, and other preventative care options.

Our Doctors

The quality of care we deliver is a result of the combined efforts of our entire dental office.  However, ultimately you are leaving your dental health in the qualified hands of experienced dental practitioners that have dedicated their professional lives to consistently improving the quality of care they deliver. Learn more about our doctor: Dr. Jeffrey Ma.

Friends & Family Dental Health
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Calgary, AB T2C 5R8
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